API Email Endpoint
API / API Email Endpoint

The /email/ endpoint is used to manage email addresses. The following parameters are supported on this endpoint:



A valid email address.


List Email Addresses (List method, GET):

curl --header "Authorization:ApiKey testuser:256ee09ded99b29036fac4de96acedb7e8af7bf7" https://www.statusdashboard.com/api/v1/email/

    "meta": {
        "limit": 10, 
        "next": null, 
        "offset": 0, 
        "previous": null, 
        "total_count": 2
    "objects": [
            "email": "user1@company1.com", 
            "resource_uri": "/api/v1/email/1001/"
            "email": "user2@company2.com", 
            "resource_uri": "/api/v1/email/1002/"

Upon success, you'll receive back an HTTP 200 (OK) indicating that the API call succeeded.

Add an Email Address (List method, POST):

curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "Authorization:ApiKey testuser:256ee09ded99b29036fac4de96acedb7e8af7bf7" -X POST --data '{"email":"user3@company3.com"}' https://www.statusdashboard.com/api/v1/email/

    "email": "user3@company3.com", 
    "resource_uri": "/api/v1/email/1003"

Upon success, you'll receive back an HTTP 201 (created) along with details about the resource you just created.

Delete An Email Address (Detail method, DELETE):

curl --header "Authorization:ApiKey testuser:256ee09ded99b29036fac4de96acedb7e8af7bf7" -X DELETE https://www.statusdashboard.com/api/v1/email/1003/

Upon success, you'll receive back an HTTP 204 (No Content) indicating that the request was fulfilled but there is no data to display.

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