Content Modules
Design / Content Modules

Dashboard content modules allow you to display detailed information about events directly on the dashboard homepage.  All content modules can be shown above or below the main dashboard and can be hidden when there are no events to display.  Content modules can be managed by navigating to Dashboard Design > Content Modules.

Note: Events that have been hidden from the dashboard will not appear in any content modules.

Active Incidents

Display all incidents that do not have a status of resolved.

Active Maintenance

Display all scheduled maintenance events that do not have a status of planning or completed.

Planned Maintenance

Display all scheduled maintenance events with a status of planning.

Event History

Display all events (both incidents and scheduled maintenance) that have a status of closed (maintenance) or resolved (incidents).  The number of days of history to display in the module is configurable (up to 30 days).

Summary Status

Display incident/maintenance counts in graphical form, relative to a specific date with links to the event detail pages. The summary status graph currently shows 15 days in the past (incidents and maintenance) and 15 days in the future (maintenance).

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