Content Modules Dashboard Design / Content Modules

If you would like to customize your dashboard with additional content modules, you may do so by navigating to Dashboard Design > Content Modules.  The following content modules are currently available:

Active Incident Timeline

Display specific details of all active incidents, including all updates.

Active Maintenance Timeline

Display specific details of all active scheduled maintenance, including all updates.

Summary Status

Display a graphical summary, with counts, of past and future incident/maintenance, relative to a specific date.  Data points are clickable and take the user to search results with links to further information on the events.

Twitter Timeline

Embeds a Twitter widget including your Twitter handle's timeline, below the main dashboard table. 

In order to setup your Twitter timeline, you must create the Twitter timeline widget on the website while logged into your Twitter account.  The documentation for creating embedded timelines is described in the official Twitter development documentation.  The following procedure can be followed to create the Twitter widget and acquire the required Data Widget ID that you need to enter into the StatusDashboard Administration Portal.  This procedure assumes that you do not already have a timeline widget:

  1. Login to your Twitter account and browse to your account settings.
  2. Select the Widgets section of your account settings.
  3. Select the Create new button
  4. Select the User timeline tab (this will be selected by default).  Change the height to 300px.  Although you can leave the height at the default value of 600px, 300px is optimal for display on your dashboard.
  5. Click the Create widget button.
  6. Your timeline should now be displayed with all of your recent tweets.  In the script window under the timeline, locate the data-widget-id= portion and copy the id (without quotations).  This is the ID that you will enter into the StatusDashboard Administrative Portal, along with your Twitter handle.

Once you have created the Twitter widget and entered the appropriate information into the StatusDashboard portal, your Twitter timeline should be displayed on your dashboard.

Required Permissions Role: Administrator or Dashboard Design