Dashboard Options
Design / Dashboard Options

If you would like to customize the look and functionality of the main dashboard and associated navigational elements, you may do so by navigating to Dashboard Design > Dashboard Options.  The following options for customizing the dashboard are currently available:


Dashboard Type


Dashboard Style


Select the dashboard style that works best for your organization.  The calendar view displays the current service status and includes 7 days of history with clickable event indicators for each day.  The standard view displays a simpler view with only the current status for each service.  Selecting either option only changes the display view, it does not change any of the underlying service or event data and you may switch between the views at any time.

Global Status Indicator


Display a global status indicator directly above the dashboard which changes based on global service status.  If one or more of your services is experiencing an incident or scheduled maintenance, the global status indicator will change accordingly.  If scheduled maintenance is occurring concurrently with an incident, the global status indicator will indicate that an incident is occurring.

Dashboard Cells


Show a green checkmark in every cell of the dashboard table where no events took place.  You may also enable the green checkmark indicator for dates that occur in the future (relative to the current, local time).

Service Groups


Group the services on your dashboard. For example, you may wish to have groups based on geography: North American, South America, Europe or function: Email Services, File Services.  You also have the option of having the first service group panel expand when your dashboard page is loaded, or having all of them expand (Expand All).

Search History


Enable or disable the ability for users to search event history. When this option is disabled, the search link will not appear in the dashboard header, and all search functionality and URLs will be disabled.

Calendar Navigation


Enable or disable the ability for users to navigate to previous or future dates on the calendar. When this option is disabled, the navigation links above the calendar dashboard will not appear, and all navigation functionality will be disabled.

Header Text


If you do not have a header logo uploaded, enter text here that will be shown in the header of every dashboard page.  If you do have a header logo uploaded, it will be shown in place of this text.

Header Links


Header links allow you to include up to two external Links/URLs in the dashboard header menu.  This is useful if you want to provide your users with additional information by linking to other internal/external resources or documentation.  Header links can be up to 20 characters long, however, if you are including other items in the desktop header menu (e.g. the notifications button), you may experience some alignment issues if your custom header links are too long.

Still have questions?  Contact our support team.  We're always happy to help with any questions you might have.