Logo Images
Design / Logo Images

If you would like to customize your dashboard with your organization's logo, you may do so by navigating to Dashboard Design > Logo Images.  You have the option of displaying two different logos on your dashboard:

Header Logo

The header logo will be shown in the menu header of your dashboard and will appear on every dashboard page view.  Header logos must be less than 100kb and do not have width and height restriction - we will shrink your logo to the available space.  On mobile devices, your logo will also be shown in the top header but will be scaled appropriately to fit smaller screen sizes.  If you do not enable a header logo, your header text will be shown instead.

Main Logo

The main logo will be shown at the top of your dashboard homepage, above the main dashboard, and must be less than 500kb.  Main logos do not have width and height restrictions.  You may optionally choose to center the main logo on the page and you may do this independently for mobile and/or desktop page views.

To upload your logo, click the browse button next to the logo type that you would like to upload and use your computer's file chooser to locate and select your image.  Once uploaded, your image will be viewable in the Dashboard admin exactly as it will be shown on your dashboard.  In order to activate your image, move the toggle button to on and save your settings.  If you would like to change your image at any time, you may follow the same procedure to upload a new image.  If, at any time, you want to remove your logo from your dashboard, simply disable the image.

Still have questions?  Contact our support team.  We're always happy to help with any questions you might have.