Incident Reports Setup
Incident Reports / Incident Reports Setup

StatusDashboard provides an easy method for you to collect information from your users on issues they may be encountering with your services.  Users can submit incident reports via your dashboard page that are routed to your support staff for review.

If you would like to setup Incident Reports, you may do so by navigating to Incident Reports > Settings in the StatusDashboard Administration Portal.

There are several options to consider when setting up Incident Reports:


It is strongly recommended that you enable captcha for incident reports if your dashboard is public (e.g. not protected by a whitelist).  This will prevent invalid incident report submissions (e.g. SPAM).  You will need to request a free Google reCAPTCHA API key in order to enable CAPTCHA.

Email Notification

If you would like to receive an email alert whenever a user submits an incident report, you need to enter a From Name (e.g. Acme Dashboard) and a recipient email address to receive the messages.


Enter instructions that will be displayed on the submit incident page that your users will see.  Use this field to provide an informational message to your users about what you expect them to provide in an incident report.

Submit Message

Provide a message that will be displayed to your users after they successfully submit an incident report (for example: Thank you - we'll be in touch).

When you enable incident reports, a report incident link will be displayed in the header of your dashboard.  You can disable the report incident link at any time by navigating to Incident Reports > Settings > Enable / Disable Incident Reports and moving the toggle button to off.

Still have questions?  Contact our support team.  We're always happy to help with any questions you might have.