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The StatusDashboard Twitter integration allows you to automatically post tweets to a Twitter timeline, with links to event information, whenever creating or updating events.  Additionally, a Twitter handle and profile can be included on the dashboard subscription tab and embedded in the dashboard homepage.  The Twitter integration settings can be accessed by navigating to Integrations > Twitter.

Configuration Options




Dashboard SubscriptionIntegrations > Twitter > Options > Dashboard SubscriptionAdd a Twitter follow button to the dashboard subscriptions bar.  Additionally, if you would like to present your Twitter subscribers with any special instructions or information about how you will use the Twitter integration, enter them in the Twitter instructions field. Instructions will be presented on all Twitter subscription screens on the dashboard.
Dashboard WidgetIntegrations > Twitter > Options > Dashboard Widget
Embed a Twitter timeline, via the Twitter timeline widget, directly on the dashboard homepage.


Notifications > Twitter > Options > Notifications

Before event notifications can be configured as part of the Twitter integration, you must first authorize the StatusDashboard Twitter application.  Click on the key icon to initiate the authorization process.  You will be required to authenticate to Twitter with your Twitter credentials, after which Twitter event notifications will be enabled, and the options below will be available.

Enable / Disable Twitter Notifications

When this option is disabled, the option to broadcast tweets when creating or updating events will not be available to StatusDashboard administrators.

Custom Tweet Content

If default tweet text is included (either incident or maintenance), that text will be included as the event tweet text when you initially create an event. Whether or not you add default tweet text, you will still be able to customize the tweet text whenever creating or updating an event.

If you do not create custom tweet text when creating or updating an event, then the default tweet format will be used:
{date} {direct link to dashboard event detail}

If you do include custom tweet text when creating or updating an event, then the following format will be used:
{date} {tweet text } {direct link to dashboard event detail}

Delivery Errors

If you would like to be notified of errors in the delivery of notification messages to your Twitter timeline, you can subscribe to receive email notification alerts.  Once subscribed, we'll quickly notify you if we experience any errors that would indicate a problem with Twitter, or a misconfigured integration.  To subscribe to alerts, navigate to User Profile > Options > Notifications > Notification Errors.

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