Dashboard API
Notifications / Dashboard API

The dashboard API option allows your users to obtain information about system status programmatically via simple, unauthenticated API calls that return JSON.  The API returns all current services and their operational status.  

Activating the Dashboard API

The dashboard API may be enabled/disabled by navigating to Notifications > Dashboard API and changing the Enable toggle button.  When enabled, your users will see an API icon in the notification subscription bar when they select the option to subscribe to alerts on your dashboard - a direct link to the dashboard API will be provided.

Accessing the API

The API can be accessed from the dashboard by pointing any client  to /api/v1/dashboard/.  If your organization is utilizing SAML authentication to protect access to your dashboard, and you also want to restrict access to the dashboard API, you will need to also enable the dashboard IP Whitelist and constrain it to API requests only.  

Further dashboard API specifics are detailed in our Dashboard Endpoint documentation.

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