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Notifications / Email Notification

The Statusdashboard email notification method allows users to subscribe to email alerts for one or more services, which can be triggered automatically whenever creating or updating events.  The email notification method settings can be accessed by navigating to Notifications > Email.

Configuration Options




Custom Content

Notifications > Email > Options > Custom Content

Email Sender

This is the friendly name that will appear in the from field in the customer's email client when they receive event email messages (for example: Acme Widgets)

Email Recipient

Customize the display of the email recipient for each event email that is sent from StatusDashboard.  Currently, the only email recipient customization option is the BCC recipient option.  When this option is selected, the email recipient will be blind carbon copied (BCC) and no visible TO recipient will be included in the email message.

Email Subject

If a default email subject is included (either incident or maintenance), that subject will be included as the event email subject when you initially create an event.  Whether or not you add a default email subject, you will still be able to customize the email subject whenever creating or updating an event.  If you do not create a custom email subject when creating or updating an event, then the default email subject format will be used:

Incident Alert|Maintenance Notification: #{Event ID}

Email Greeting

Incident Greeting

This text will appear above the event information that is broadcast in each event email.  This could be a generic greeting, or an explanation of why these messages are sent.  A suggested example is shown below:

Dear Acme company, the purpose of this message is to inform/update you about a service disruption that is impacting one or more production services.  We are actively working to resolve the issue and will notify you about any significant changes.  All current information about the incident is shown below:

Maintenance Greeting

Similar to the Incident Greeting Text, this is a message that will accompany all maintenance event emails.  A suggested example is shown below:

Dear Acme company, the purpose of this message is to inform/update you about planned maintenance activities within our technical infrastructure.  All current information about the planned maintenance is shown below.  We will actively communicate any updates to these planned maintenance activities.

Email Signature

Any text entered here will be added to the signature section (after all event detail) of each email message.

Domain Whitelist
Notifications > Email > Options > Domain Whitelist

Restrict email subscriptions to the dashboard to specific email domains (e.g. your corporate email domain), by creating an email domain whitelist.  Once an email domain whitelist is created and activated, only email addresses with domains that are part of the active whitelist will be allowed to subscribe to event email notifications.

Email domains should include only the domain portion of an email address (e.g.

EnableNotifications > Email > Options > Enable

Enable / Disable Event Email

When this option is disabled, the option to broadcast email messages when creating or updating events will not be available to StatusDashboard administrators but new email subscriptions will still be processed.  Additionally, if the account has reached the maximum number of allowed email messages for the current month, the broadcast email option will not be available when managing events.

Enable / Disable Email Subscriptions

When this option is disabled, the email subscription option will not be available on any dashboard subscription pages.  Additionally, if the account has reached the maximum number of confirmed email subscribers allowed, the email subscription option will not be available on any dashboard subscription pages.  Additionally, if you would like to present your email subscribers with any special instructions or information about how you will use the email notification method, enter them in the Email instructions field.  Instructions will be presented on all email subscription screens on the dashboard.

SMTP Sender IP
Notifications > Email > Options > SMTP Sender IP
A listing of the SMTP IP addresses from which all StatusDashboard event emails will be sent.  Customers who wish to use dedicate SMTP IP addresses, instead of the StatusDashboard shared pool, should contact customer support.


Notifications > Email > Options > Template

The event email formatting can be customized by selecting an email template, custom color scheme (for incidents and maintenance events) and an organizational logo.  Once customized, all event emails sent from StatusDashboard will be appropriately formatted, based on the event type.


Notifications > Email > Options > Whitelabel

Enable / Disable StatusDashboard Branding

When disabled, the 'Powered by StatusDashboard' branding that appears in the footer of subscription/event emails will be removed.

Reply-To Email Address

This is the email address that subscription and event email messages will be sent from, and if your customers reply to these messages, they will be sent here.  If you would like to set a reply-to email address, we must first verify that you have all of the proper settings in place in your domain's DNS zone file.  

If you plan to use a custom reply-to email address when sending event emails, you must first setup SPF and DKIM records in the DNS zone that the reply-to email address resides in.  For help on setting up these records, please review our email provider's documentation.  Our support team is available to assist you in creating and testing these records to ensure they are properly setup - please contact us if you have any questions.

Organizational Mailing Address

Provide your company's mailing address if you would like to include it in the footer of all email messages sent on your behalf instead of StatusDashboard's mailing address.  Any mailing address entered will be validated as correct before being accepted.

Managing Email Subscriptions

End Users


Navigate to the dashboard, click the Subscribe button on the dashboard page and select the email icon.  Enter a valid email address and select one or more services to subscribe to. We'll send a confirmation email with a validation link which when clicked, will confirm the subscriptions. Once confirmed, the email address will be subscribed to event emails and will receive any relevant alerts that you broadcast when managing events.

Manage Subscriptions

Navigate to the dashboard, click the Manage Subscriptions link in the footer, select the email icon and provide a valid email address. We'll send a validation email which will provide access to add and/or delete subscriptions to specific services on the dashboard.

StatusDashboard Administrators

Manual Subscribe

Navigate to Notifications > Email > Options > Subscribers > Add Icon.  Any email addresses added here will be immediately subscribed to the associated services.  Please be aware that these manually added email addresses can be unsubscribed from alerts through the standard StatusDashboard unsubscribe process by your end users.

Import Subscribers

Email subscribers can be imported from a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file by navigating to Notifications > Email > Options > Subscribers > Import Icon.  There are two options when importing subscribers:

  1. Import a list of email addresses and specific services
  2. Import a list of email addresses.  In this case, each email address will be subscribed to all services on the dashboard.

When importing email subscribers from a CSV file, all existing email subscriptions will be removed and replaced with the entries in the CSV file.  If you have existing email subscriptions and are interesting in importing additional subscriptions, it is best to first export your current subscriber list, add the additional entries to the export file, and then use this file to perform the import.  The CSV file must be in the following format and must be a UTF-8 encoded file if it contains non-ASCII characters:

Email Address / Service File Format:

Email Address,Service Name,service1,service2,service1,service2

Although when exporting the email/service list there is an additional 'Confirmation Status' column present, this column is not required for the import, and is ignored if present.  All imported subscriber entries are automatically added with confirmation status set to True.

Email Address File Format:

Email Address

Manage Subscriptions

Navigate to Notifications > Email > Options > Subscribers.  From here, you can search subscribers, unsubscribe subscribers, confirm unconfirmed subscriptions, delete subscriptions and import/export the list of email subscribers.

Notification Method Limits

The StatusDashboard email notification method has the following subscriber/message limits:

Subscriber Limits

You can review how many confirmed email subscribers you have by navigating to Notifications > Email and viewing the email subscribers information field.

Message Limits

You can review how many email messages you have sent in the current month by navigating to Notifications > Email and viewing the email messages sent information field.

Testing Event Emails

You have the option of sending test emails to confirm that everything looks the way you want it before sending emails to your customers. To test event email settings, navigate to Notifications > Email > Options > Test Email.  Send a test email using the currently configured email settings.  The test email will use the current template and color scheme/logo (if applicable).

Delivery Errors

If you would like to be notified of errors in the delivery of email notification messages, you can subscribe to receive email notification alerts.  Once subscribed, we'll quickly notify you if we experience any errors that would indicate a problem with email delivery to your organization, or to your customers.  The criteria for error notification are as follows:

  • Hard bounces greater than 10% of sent email within a 24 hour period.
  • Soft bounces greater than 10% of sent email within a 24 hour period.
  • Rejected email greater than 10% of sent email within a 24 hour period.

If an error alert is triggered to you for one of the above criteria, we will notify you once every six hours until resolved.  To subscribe to alerts, navigate to User Profile > Options > Notifications > Notification Errors.

Note: You must configure a reply-to email address (described above) in order to receive delivery errors about email. 

Email Delivery Reports

StatusDashboard maintains a record of every email message sent including the delivery status (for example, 'sent').  If you would like to review a record of sent emails for your account, you may do so by navigating to Notifications > Email > Options > Delivery Report.  Once we send a message, if we receive updated information on its delivery status from recipient SMTP servers, we will update the appropriate record in our system.  Click on the information icon to view detailed information about the message, including any relevant SMTP events.

Still have questions?  Contact our support team.  We're always happy to help with any questions you might have.