Global Settings Notifications / Global Settings

The following global notification settings impact certain integrations that include subscriptions (e.g. Email and SMS).  Global notification settings can be accessed by navigating to: Notifications > Global Settings:

Notifications Button

If you would like to hide the notifications button from your dashboard pages, you may do so by switching this toggle button off.  If the notifications button is hidden but notifications integrations are enabled (e.g. email), subscriptions will still be accepted and processed.  You may wish to do this if you want to use custom messaging/instructions on your status dashboard homepage to direct your users to the subscription page.

Subscription Management

Enable or disable the ability for end users to manage their notifications subscriptions for Email/SMS/Webhooks. If subscription management is disabled, the Manage Subscriptions link will not appear in the dashboard footer, and the subscription management pages will be disabled.

Note: If dashboard subscriptions are enabled and users initiate new subscriptions, they will still be able to remove existing subscriptions event if subscription management is disabled (e.g. disabling subscription management only removes the manage subscriptions link in the dashboard footer and the related URL).

Default Notification Settings

Specify default settings for all notification methods when creating or updating events.  Any notification methods selected will automatically be activated when creating or updating events (although you can selectively deactivate them when managing individual events).  The specific integrations must be enabled for these settings to take effect.

Required Permissions Role: Administrator or Notifications