RSS Feed
Notifications / RSS Feed

The Statusdashboard feed option allows your users to obtain information about system status via a real time feed in either RSS or Atom format.  Feeds contain the most recent 10 events, including links back to your dashboard (to the event detail page).  

Activating the Feed

The system status feed may be enabled/disabled by navigating to Notifications > RSS and changing the Enable toggle button.  When enabled, your users will see an RSS icon in the notification subscription bar when they select the option to subscribe to alerts on your dashboard - links for RSS and Atom format will be provided.

Accessing the Feed

The feed can be accessed from the dashboard by pointing any browser or RSS client to /feed/rss or /feed/atom.  Please note that if you are utilizing SAML authentication to protect your dashboard, SAML is not enabled for the feed URLs.  If you need to restrict access to the feed URLs while SAML is enabled, then you should enable a Dashboard Whitelist targeted at the dashboard API/RSS feeds only.

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