Slack Integration
Notifications / Slack Integration

The StatusDashboard Slack integration allows you to automatically post messages to your organization's Slack channels from StatusDashboard.  The Slack integration settings can be accessed by navigating to Notifications > Slack and then selecting the Options menu in the upper right.

The Slack integration has the following functionality:


Post messages to your organization's Slack channels, with links to your dashboard and event information, whenever events are created or updated.

Activity Log

Post the activity log in real time to your organization's Slack channels.

Activating the Slack Integration

The Slack integration may be enabled/disabled by navigating to Notifications > Slack > Options > Enable/Disable and changing the toggle button. When this option is disabled, the option to post Slack messages when creating or updating events will not be available.

In order to use the StatusDashboard Slack integration, you must first obtain a Slack API token which will authorize StatusDashboard to post messages to one or more of your Slack channels. To obtain a Slack API token, login to your Slack account, navigate to the integrations configuration section and create a Slack bot for StatusDashboard.  You will need to invite your StatusDashboard bot to any channel within which you want StatusDashboard to post even updates. Once you have a valid Slack API token, enter it into your StatusDashboard Slack configuration by navigating to Notifications > Slack > Options > API Token.

Optional Configuration Options




Channel Add

Notifications > Slack > Options > Channel Add

Manually add a Slack Channel to StatusDashboard. You must include the Slack Channel Name and Slack Channel ID when adding a channel. If you have many Slack channels to add, it is preferable to use the import option (see Channel List).

Channel List

Notifications > Slack > Options > Channel List

View, import or delete Slack channels. Any Slack channels that are shown in this list will also be available for posting messages to when creating or updating events. Once a valid Slack API token has been entered, you will also see a download icon, which when clicked, will import all current Slack channels from your Slack account.

Send Test Slack Message

Notifications > Slack > Options > Send Test Slack Message

Once you have added a valid Slack API token and added or imported Slack channels, use this option to post a test message to one of your Slack channels to validate your settings.

Slack Content

Notifications > Slack > Options > Slack Content

By default, all Slack messages posted to your channels about events will include an icon indicating whether the event is an incident or scheduled maintenance as well as a direct link on your dashboard to the event details page. You also have the option of including additional information in the Slack message by configuring the options below. These options will be the default settings when events are created and will persist with the event once set (although you can change these settings on the event at any time).

Include Event Details

When enabled, all current event details will be included in the Slack message that is posted to a channel when an event is created or updated.

Slack Message

An optional message that you would like to accompany Slack messages sent to your channels when events are created or updated.

Source IP Addresses

IP addresses from which we will access the Slack API are listed in our public StatusDashboard configuration file.  This file is updated whenever our IP addresses change.

Still have questions?  Contact our support team.  We're always happy to help with any questions you might have.