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Release Notes / Release Notes

Release Notes tell you what’s new in StatusDashboard. Release notes will be provided for every software release.

Revision Release Date Details
r980 2019-10-21
r970 2019-10-08
r967 2019-10-07
r960 2019-10-01
r940 2019-09-03
r932 2018-12-01
r930 2018-10-15
r929 2018-09-27
r927 2018-09-17
r923 2018-09-13
r920 2018-09-08
r915 2018-08-26
r874 2018-03-11
r853 2018-02-18

* Release notes prior to 2018-02-18 are not publicly available.  If you have specific questions about previous releases, please contact our customer support team.

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