Dashboard Whitelist
Security / Dashboard Whitelist

If you would like to create a private dashboard with restricted access, you may do so by creating and activating a dashboard whitelist.  When you activate a dashboard whitelist, only the IP addresses or ranges listed in the dashboard whitelist will be able to access the dashboard.  Any request for the dashboard that comes from an unauthorized IP address will receive an HTTP 403 response.

To setup and activate a dashboard whitelist, navigate to Security > Dashboard Whitelist.

Adding IP Addresses

Enter IPv4 addresses (e.g. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) in the Add IP Address field, and if desired, a comment (e.g. Chicago office IP address).  You may add as many ip addresses as your account plan permits.  

Enable/Disable The Whitelist

Once your whitelist is created, move the Enable / Disable Whitelist toggle button to on to enable the whitelist.  At any time you may disable the whitelist to permit unrestricted access to your dashboard.

Whitelist Target

If your organization is utilizing SAML authentication and you want to protect access to the Dashboard API and RSS feeds (which are not SAML enabled), then you will need to enable the Dashboard Whitelist and set the target to API/RSS Requests Only by selecting the appropriate option.  With this setting enabled, only requests to the API and RSS feeds will be evaluated against the IP Whitelist.

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