Single Sign-On Bypass
Security / Single Sign-On Bypass

Customers who are utilizing Single Sign-On (SSO) for administrative logins to the StatusDashboard administrative portal (SAML or Google OAuth2) may elect to bypass SSO login for certain user accounts.  This configuration can be useful in situations where the customer's Identity Provider (IdP) or the Google OAuth2 login service is unavailable (or mis-configured) and customers need the ability to login to StatusDashboard.

The default configuration after enabling SAML or Google OAuth2 SSO for administrative logins is to deny all StatusDashboard logins that do not sign on via the customer's configured IdP or the Google Oauth2 service (i.e. Entering a StatusDashboard username/password will fail).  In order to allow a user account to bypass SSO for login, navigate to Users > User List in the administration portal and edit the desired user account.  Scroll down to the Bypass Single Sign-On option and enable the toggle button.  Once enabled, this user account will be able to login using a StatusDashboard username/password or may initiate an SSO login.

User accounts that have the Bypass SSO Option enabled will still be able to manage their StatusDashboard passwords by accessing the password fields within their account profile page, as well as the forgot password feature on the login screen. 

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