Single Sign-On (Google)
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Administrative Single Sign-On (Google OAuth2)

Administrative SSO allows StatusDashboard administrative accounts to authenticate against Google's OAuth2 login service before being provided access to the StatusDashboard administration portal.  The Google OAuth2 login service functions with Gmail accounts as well as Google Apps accounts.  Once enabled, all users will be required to sign-in to the StatusDashboard administration portal with their Google account credentials (unless the user account has been configured for SSO bypass).  With Administrative SSO, user accounts and permissions are still configured within the StatusDashboard administration portal, but all authentication is handled by Google's login service.  When creating StatusDashboard user accounts, the email address within StatusDashboard must match the email address within Google.  Google OAuth2 cannot be enabled for administrative logins if SAML is also enabled for administrative logins.

In order to configure Google OAuth2, browse to Security > Single Sign-On > Options > Google SSO.

Required Permissions RoleAdministrator or User Management

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