SEO Options
Search Engine Optimization / SEO Options

StatusDashboard allows you to enable and customize certain important SEO attributes of your dashboard to allow search engines to discover and index your dashboard more efficiently and accurately.  If you would like to customize the SEO options for your dashboard, navigate to Miscellaneous > Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Crawling Preferences: 

By enabling this option, you can direct search engines to crawl and index your dashboard via a robots.txt file.  When enabled/disabled, we'll present the following robots.txt file to search engines.  If you want your customers to easily locate your dashboard, we recommend that you leave this option enabled.  If you have whitelist functionality turned on (i.e. you are restricting access to your dashboard to select IP addresses), then this setting will have no effect because search engines will not have access to your dashboard.


User-agent: *Disallow:


User-agent: *Disallow: /

Page Meta Information:

Set custom page titles and meta descriptions for your important dashboard pages to allow search engines to more accurately index and display your dashboard in search results.

Page Titles

Page titles allow you to set custom text for the HTML page title tag of the dashboard homepage, search, escalation path, and incident report (if enabled) pages.  The title tag is meant to be an accurate description of the page and is a critical component of SEO.  For a full description of the title tag, as well as best practices for authoring your title tags, please review Moz's guidelines.

Page Meta Descriptions

Page meta description tags are used by search engines to display information about the page to users in the search engine results page (SERP).  Carefully crafted meta description tags can be a compelling reason users click through to your dashboard.  For a full description of the meta description tag, as well as best practices for authoring your meta description tags, please review Moz's guidelines.

Still have questions?  Contact our support team.  We're always happy to help with any questions you might have.