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Digital signs are meant to display status information for one or more services on a large digital signage display (e.g. a large wall mounted television in a lobby or network operations control center). Digital signs are best run in a browser that is operating in full screen or kiosk mode and are run completely unattended (they will automatically refresh and update as status information changes). Multiple digital signs may be created containing different services and customization settings to accommodate each customer's unique needs.

Digital signs can be created by navigating to Digital Signage > Sign List > Plus icon

When creating your digital sign, you have the following options:


A unique name to help keep track of the digital sign.


Any notes specific to the digital sign.

Url Location

The digital sign will be hosted from the following URL: Location

Url Locations may contain any lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), the dash character (-) and the underscore character (_). When you create your digital sign, we'll provide you with a direct link to the complete Url path.


The digital sign may contain 1 or more of your defined services organized into 1 to 6 columns (with custom column headings). You can add as many services to as many columns as you like, and you can drag and drop and reorder the services in any column. However the column headings and services are setup when editing the digital sign is how they will appear to the end user when viewing the digital sign.

Once a digital sign is created, use our customization tools to fit the sign to the display and to customize it to match your organization's brand. The following customization options are available:


Select a custom color for every component on the digital sign.

Date/Time Format

Select date/time options for the digital sign including the timezone setting (we'll convert all dates/times to this timezone) as well as the formatting of the date/time.

Font Format

Select the display font to be used for all text on the digital sign, as well as font size options for each text component on the digital sign.

IP Whitelist

Configure and enable an IP whitelist to restrict access to the digital sign to only authorized IP addresses or IP networks. You may add as many IP addresses or IP networks (in CIDR format) as your account limits allow.


Upload a custom company logo, which will be displayed in the top header of the digital sign.

Refresh Frequency

The digital sign will periodically refresh in order to accurately reflect changes in service status. Set the refresh frequency to your desired setting and optionally enable a refresh countdown display on the digital sign.

System Message

Create a custom message that will be displayed on the digital sign, just above the service listing.


Whitelabel the digital sign by removing the 'powered by StatusDashboard' branding in the digital sign footer.

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