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System messages allow you to create and display custom messaging with important information on your dashboard home page.  If you would like to display or customize system messages, navigate to Miscellaneous > System Messages.  The following system messages are available:

System Message

The System Message will be displayed above your dashboard and is a great place to describe your practices with respect to the dashboard.  For example, a good system message might be: 

This dashboard displays status information for all critical services. The dashboard will be updated whenever status information for any service changes. Please check back here at any time to obtain current status information or subscribe to alerts by clicking the subscribe button.

System Alert

The System Alert message will display a prominent message in a reveal dialog box on every visit to the dashboard homepage and is typically used to convey critical information to users.  Most customers use the System Alert message only when critical system events occur (or will occur) and it is imperative that users are notified.

Required Permissions Role: Administrator or System Messages