Password Lockout
User Accounts / Password Lockout

If a user attempting to login to the StatusDashboard administration portal enters an incorrect password 5 times within a 15 minute time period, the account will be locked from future login attempts until another StatusDashboard administrator unlocks the account, or 15 minutes lapses since the last failed login attempt.  Accounts can be unlocked by another StatusDashboard administrator by navigating to User Accounts > Info > Lock icon.

Exceptions to Account Lockout:


If a user account is authorized for API access and the account is locked out from logging into the StatusDashboard administration portal, the API key will still function for access to any authorized API endpoints.

Single Sign-On

Account lockout functionality is not enabled for customers using Single Sign-On (SSO) for authentication to the StatusDashboard administration portal.  When SSO is enabled, account lockout functionality needs to be configured on the customer's identity provider platform.

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