User Permissions User Accounts / User Permissions

User account permissions can be modified by navigating to Users > User List and selecting the edit icon next to the user account you wish to modify.  User accounts may be assigned any of the following permissions (your list may vary, based on the StatusDashboard plan you are signed up for):

  • Administrator
  • Activity Log
  • API
  • Dashboard Design
  • Dashboard Whitelist
  • Escalation Path
  • Events
  • Finance
  • Google Analytics
  • Incident Reports
  • Notifications
  • SEO
  • Services
  • Signage
  • System Messages
  • Uptime Reports
  • User Management

Specific descriptions of each permission can be found within the StatusDashboard portal by navigating to the user permissions page noted above.

User accounts that have restricted permissions will not be able to access certain portions of the StatusDashboard administrative portal.

User accounts and their associated permissions may be audited by navigating to Users > User List and selecting the download icon.  This will export a CSV file containing a full account listing of all StatusDashboard user accounts including their full name, email address, username and any associated permissions assigned to each account.

Required Permissions Role: Administrator or User Management