Securely hosted status dashboard and incident communication platform.

Notify your customers of issues anywhere, on any device.

Whenever your services experience a degradation of service or scheduled maintenance activity, you communicate with your customers through the StatusDashboard platform.

  • Custom status dashboard web address.
  • Multiple notification delivery channels including email, SMS, webhooks and more.
  • Customers and administrators can easily manage alert subscriptions.
  • API endpoints for administrators and customers.
StatusDashboard communication platform broadcasting alerts to multiple notification channels, including email, SMS and webhooks.

Provide a single pane of glass for system status.

The StatusDashboard interface is simple and intuitive.

  • Customers will understand system status at a glance.
  • Powerful and easy to use customization tools.
  • Build digital signs in lobbies or NOC rooms.
  • Publish private or public status pages.
  • Active Incident VoIP Phones
  • Operational Core Router
  • Operational Intranet
  • Operational File Server
  • Active Maintenance Office 365
  • Operational API Gateway

Our list of features is always expanding.

Don't see a feature you need here? Ask us to build it - all of our great ideas come from our customers!

Fault Tolerant Infrastructure

Our platform utilizes the power and scalability of the public cloud and is fully fault tolerant. You can be sure that when your systems are down, ours are up.

Fully Customizable Dashboard

Select your dashboard display style, customize the color scheme, enable content modules and display your company logo.

Responsive Design

Our administrative portal and customer dashboard screens are all responsive and render properly on any device: mobile, tablet or desktop.


In addition to your dashboard page, communicate system status to your customers via Email, Hangouts (GSuite), RSS, Slack, SMS, Teams (O365), Twitter or Custom Webhooks (and our list of integrations is always growing).

Uptime Reporting

Easily run uptime reports for your critical services over any span of time. If you are responsible for tracking SLA's, we do the work for you.


We have a number of security features including granular, role-based access for your administrative users, restricted (private) dashboards, SSL and single sign-on.

Custom Web Location

We give you a subdomain of (e.g. as well as a custom domain alias (e.g.

Full Featured API

We have a full featured API that allows you to programmatically manage all of the major features of StatusDashboard including event, subscription and notification management.

Unlimited Events

Create as many events and updates as you like each month - there is no limit and we store your history forever.

Our customers.

We work with large and small, public and private organizations in technology, banking, eCommerce, education, government and everything in-between.
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