Securely hosted status dashboard and incident communication platform.

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Proactively communicate with your customers about issues, anywhere on any device.

Stop the Chaos

Stop scrambling to communicate with your customers during system outages and scheduled maintenance activities using ad-hoc methods. Publish a status dashboard on our platform and let our systems manage communication so your teams can focus on issue resolution.

Start Professional Comms

Communicate incident and scheduled maintenance status to your customers in a professional and standard format and let your customers choose how they want to be notified. StatusDashboard supports multiple notification channels including web/mobile, email, SMS, webhooks, Slack, Teams and more.

Customize and Integrate

Customize the look and feel of your status dashboard to match the needs of your company. Launch multiple status dashboards within the same account if you need production/development or public/private separation. Integrate with the StatusDashboard API for more complex functionality.

Active Incident

  • Telecom Services
  • Office 365
  • GSuite
  • Auth Systems
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • Video Conferencing
  • Salesforce

Active Incidents

Active Incident
Severity: Major Outage Status: Identified

We are currently experiencing an issue with hosted Office365 services. Users located in the North America region are currently unable to login to email and sharepoint services. We are actively working with Microsoft technical support to troubleshoot the issue.

Services Impacted
  • Office 365
  • Identified

    We have identified the source of the issue impacting Office 365 services. We are working to implement a fix, and expect to have resolution within 60 minutes.

  • Investigating

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Customize your dashboard

We have all of the features you require to customize and integrate a status dashboard in your environment.

Fault Tolerant Infrastructure

Our platform utilizes the power and scalability of the public cloud and is fully fault tolerant. You can be sure that when your systems are down, ours are up.

Fully Customizable Dashboards

Customize the look and feel of your dashboards, including custom HTML, JS and CSS.

Responsive Design

Our administrative portal and customer dashboard interfaces are all responsive and render properly on any device: mobile, tablet or desktop.

Uptime Reporting

Easily run uptime reports for your critical services over any span of time. If you are responsible for tracking SLA's, we do the work for you.


In addition to your status dashboard page, communicate status to your customers via Email, Hangouts (GSuite), PagerDuty, Slack, SMS, Teams (O365), Twitter or Custom Webhooks.


We have a number of security features including granular, role-based access for your administrative users, restricted (private) dashboards, SSL and single sign-on integration with your IdP.

Full Featured API

We have a full featured API that allows you to programmatically manage all of the major features of StatusDashboard including event, subscription and notification management.

Multiple Dashboards

Create multiple, distinct status dashboards within one StatusDashboard account, each with its own unique Url, design, security, services, integrations and notification settings.

Digital Signs

Create custom digital signs designed to display status information on large, static displays in NOC rooms, command centers or lobbies.

Our Customers

Many companies around the world are using StatusDashboard to communicate with their users and customers during system outages. We'd love to work with you too.

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